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"I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless. 

I will not fix you, for you are not broken.

I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light."

Medicine Woman's Prayer

You do not need fixing, nor I am here to fix you.

What I do know for sure is that You deserve to have the depths of your soul expressed in this lifetime, and I'm here to make that happen.

With my support, You can uncover and (re)align with your uniqueness, make friends with yourself again and make actionable strategies that support life-changing empowerment so that you can live a life full of meaning and fulfilment. 

Psycho-Spiritual Coaching and Wellness Mentoring can show you the way, and help you meet the most important person in your life: YOU!

I have spent the last 6+ years experiencing transformation and a spiritual awakening of my own.

From first-hand experience, I have gathered together many spiritual tools and techniques from around the globe, from different eras, lineages and ancient traditions.

As a result of using these methods, my clients are navigating their journey to wholeness and a life of fulfilment, living their purpose and a life by design (not by default).


I want that for You too.


My wish is for everyone to (re)connect authentically to who they truly are, and (re)awaken their innate power from within, so that they can thrive, be free and full of purpose.

As your coach and guide, I provide a confidential space where we can reflect on what’s happening for you and why.


With all of us experiencing so much isolation recently, I’m reminded of the huge worth in one to one connection with another person, simply by holding space face to face.


Andy, Leeds

"Jess provided the invaluable assistance to strike out in a new direction - helping me to recognise, challenge and break damaging habits. My life has changed for the better since working with Jess. I feel more hopeful, more energy for new projects, in better health, better sleep, more fun and happiness. She is a wonderful, empathic human 😍."

Evony, Cornwall

“My heart has never been able to follow my truth until now. So glad to have Jess's support as she totally gets it! I'm following what feels right and listening to my inner voice and it's so different than ever before.

I feel so much better being true to myself and I feel optimistic about the future. 

I know my life is changing in amazing ways because of Jess. Thank you!”

Gus, London

“Working with Jess helped me build up the confidence to quit my job, a decision that has had a more positive impact on my life than I ever could have imagined. I feel happy every day, and brave for the first time.

Jess always got right to the crux of whatever I was struggling with, and had a seemingly endless pool of knowledge to bolster her practise. I would (and do) recommend Jess to everyone - it is so, so worth it. Go and find her yourself. Consider this your first task. Go!” 

Karen, Birmingham

"My journey with Jess first started on a meditation workshop and then a 3-week boot camp, the first course I have ever been on where I felt it really meant something, it changed my life around. When I got the opportunity to work with Jess on 1:1 coaching I decided this was for me. All I can say is I’m only 3 weeks in and can see positive results. Jess is a lovely genuine person who only wants to help you, I am loving the journey. If you put the effort in and are committed you won’t regret it!"

Linda, Edinburgh

"Jess is a great coach. She really listens, and I mean seriously listens, and acts as is necessary. A real pleasure to work with. If you're thinking of working with Jess, don’t think twice! Go for it! There is a huge benefit emotionally and physiologically. Well worth the investment."

V, Devon

"Having Jess as my accountability buddy and mentor, and feeling her confidence in me made my growth speed up. I felt heard and supported throughout which is something I hadn’t experienced before. I know I would have never made so much progress in such short time if it wasn’t for the tailored practices that Jess taught me and our weekly chats."


"5 stars! I cannot recommend [Jess's] services enough. She is a beautiful soul, supportive and present. She has brought me space and safety to process the tons of things that I was finding overwhelming. I cannot thank you enough for showing be back to the light within every Now in life.”

Amina, London


“It's always an enlightening pleasure to work with someone so passionate and knowledgeable about their subject”.

Mani, 45, London

Beck Wood 1.jpeg

“I feel more myself than ever before. It’s like the fog has cleared! I’m seeing such a difference. If you want to be more in-tune with the real you, this is for you! 😍”

Beck, 35, London

“I experienced a whole different level of awareness. I feel empowered. It really has changed my life."

Ainsley, 39, Austin, USA


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Over the past 7 years my passion for this work has grown, and my genius lies in juxtaposing science with spirituality. I draw from metaphysics, yoga philosophy, mayan cosmology, yogic tradition, neuroscience, transpersonal & positive psychology, Ayurveda, energy healing, creative visualisation, mantra meditation & breathing to create tailored transformational 1:1 coaching programs and powerful group containers.

I offer a safe space to sit down together to talk, breathe, meditate. To simply allow time and space for whatever you are feeling, perhaps scared to acknowledge, not even sure you can voice. It can be life-saving and hugely rewarding to give oxygen to the little voice inside ourselves which often doesn’t get any room, or which gets muted by everything else.

Take a deep breath. Come and experience guidance with me. It might be the only time in your week that you allow yourself to be really listened to or that you can actually hear yourself.


Areas covered:

  • Finding your purpose and calling

  • Manifesting your dreams

  • Navigating transitions/life crossroads

  • Self-esteem & confidence

  • Stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Career & transitions

  • Healing past traumas

  • Emotional freedom

  • Focus & concentration

  • Improving sleep quality

  • Energy management

  • Feelings of emptiness & lack of fulfilment in life

  • Lack of confidence & low self-worth

  • Managing conflict

  • Healing relationship & codependency


Jess holds a BSc Degree in Psychology and Philosophy. She is also a Vedic Educator, certified in Primordial Sound Meditation, Transformative Meditation, Breathing, Ashtanga Yoga, Energetic Massage Therapy and Reiki Healing. She offers psycho-spiritual wellness coaching internationally via videoconferencing.

Jess’s entire life trajectory changed in 2015. A series of low points (and intuitive pangs) culminated in Jess leaving her job in London, and life guided her to India. She now sees those low points as the mud to her lotus. Moments of darkness from which all her greatest lessons and awakenings have manifested.

Travelling to India, Nepal, Peru and Guatemala she was immersed in timeless teachings that were to utterly transform her life. Soon, Jess found herself practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) on a regular basis. She has subsequently qualified to serve in the modalities of vedic meditation, breathwork, yoga and energy healing, teaching and sharing the tools for health, balance, and transformation.

She teaches classes, group sessions and private coaching through Be Here Well, the company she founded in 2019. Be Here Well is integrative, holistic coaching for the new paradigm. Predicated on blending east with west whilst being practical, accessible and relevant to a hectic, modern world.

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