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Hi! I'm Jess, 

My mission is simple: I want you to thrive. 

I work with women who want to improve their health and wellbeing and change their perspective. Using mind-body science, my M.O. is to integrate modern science with ancient wisdom, provide you with the space, support and tools you need to bring out your best.

I am a certified Breathwork Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Conscious Entrepreneur. In a previous life, I worked in Luxury & Fashion Marketing in the UK for 15 years, transitioning into Mind-Body Wellness in 2016. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Philosophy, the perfect blend of Science and Spirituality.


I know how you might be feeling because I was once exactly like you.

My mind-body wellness journey started at a time when I wasn’t finding true happiness. I was living the eat-sleep-work-repeat cycle working in corporate London. I was stressed out, smoking, abusing alcohol and drugs almost every day. On the outside, I just about held it together, but on the inside, I was living a life of blissful distraction: off-track, un-centred, with no clue what I meaningfully wanted.

I tried my first yoga class on a trip to India, and something just clicked. I’d worked out in the gym before doing cardio and weights, but yoga was altogether a different experience that brought me into my body in a different way. I continued to learn yoga, meditation and breathing throughout India, Nepal, Guatemala and Peru, and I qualified as an Ashtanga Yoga instructor in India in 2017. I have since specialised in Breathwork, Chakra Yoga, Vedic (mantra) Meditation and Transformational Meditation Coaching techniques.

These practices, tools and techniques have increased my strength, balance and flexibility, balanced my moods, increased my self-awareness, reduced my stress, and I sleep like a baby. I now live in Devon where I consciously create a fulfilling, purposeful life every day. I'm also drug, alcohol and smoke-free, and I have never felt more awake. It didn’t happen overnight, but my life has changed forever and it continues to evolve. I’m in better condition mentally and physically than I was in my 20’s. My wish is to humbly share these practices with you.


  • 200hr RYT Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

  • YOGABODY® Breathing Coach - Yoga Alliance 15hr (YACEP)

  • 200hr Chopra Centre Vedic Educator: Primordial Sound Meditation

  • 75hr YACEP Bodhi Level 1 Transformative Meditation Mentor

  • 25hr YACEP Pranayama 

  • InsightTimer - featured staff picks twice. 5k+ plays.


Over the years I have gained a reputation for always having the right gadget (or helpful suggestion) for the job, which earned me the nickname “Swiss Army Jess”. I have made a commitment to my own personal growth and daily practices, which has added healing tools to my toolbox. Be it spiritual, mental, physical or emotional, I have the tool for the job!

FACT - I have probably learned more about fashion and grooming from Netflix “Queer Eye” this year than anywhere else.

I run a heart-centred, authentic Marketing freelance business  (Indigo Marketing), working with companies & entrepreneurs who want to make an impact.

I spent 10 days alone in the Amazon jungle, with nothing but geckos, monkeys and mosquitos for company. It gifted me some of the most mind-blowing moments of reflection in my life.

Just like Tony Hawks (who travelled around Ireland with a fridge - true story), I travelled around India for 6 months with a street dog called Biskit. In 2018 we travelled home to the U.K., together. #HappyDogStory #indogs. 

I’m disarmingly good at reverse parking my VW campervan. I love a beach clean, a SUP session, a wild swim in the river or sea, and spontaneous adventures in my van with Biskit.  

I’m at my best when I’m travelling - some of my favourite countries are India, Nepal, Thailand, Guatemala, Peru & Bolivia.

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My Story
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After experiencing corporate burn-out, alcohol & substance abuse and bouts of "functioning" depression, Jess Holliday found Meditation, Yoga and Breathing (or they found her). From direct personal experience of the life-changing transformational powers of these practices, Jess founded Be Here Well as a platform from which to share and give back mind-body wellness to the modern world. Integrating science with spirituality, practical philosophy and applicable wisdom, her wish is to empower you with the tools for self-care and personal development so you can live your best life.

Transform the world by transforming yourself.

"Now more than ever, the world needs people who know how to navigate their busy daily lives with clarity, purpose and compassion, and to know how to find their power in the stillness. Dare to be great. Let’s do this!"

Jess Holliday

Founder - Be Here Well 

"P.S. I need to thank you. By choosing to do this work, you are transforming yourself from the inside out, which in turn makes a better world for me, you, for all of us."

The Be Here Well Story
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