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Are you ready to focus on you? Take your power back? Awaken your spirit within and have authentic connection? Transformative Meditation starts a conversation with yourself and the universe, using it to transform your mindset and your life. 

Meditation by the Sea

Is Transformative Meditation right for me?

Transformative Meditation has been designed to suitable and accessible for everybody. The techniques and principles are simple and easy to follow. If you want to bring some calm, balance and happiness back into your life, this is for you! Our modern world is so fast paced that somewhere along the way most of us forgot the basics: How to live a life that is full of bliss and joy. Jess is here to help you find it again. 

How Can Transformative Meditation Help Me?

Areas Covered: 

  • Healing past traumas

  • Emotional freedom 

  • Focus & concentration

  • Sleep quality 

  • Energy management

  • Family conflicts & issues

  • Feelings of emptiness & lack of fulfilment in life

  • Lack of confidence & low self-worth

  • Managing conflict

  • Figuring out life transitions/crossroads

  • Healing Relationship Issues

  • Self-esteem & confidence

  • Stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Work-related issues; career anxiety & transitions

Mudra Meditation


Hi! I’m Jess,


I am a certified Yoga Breathing Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher and entrepreneur. In a previous life, I worked in Luxury & Fashion Marketing in the UK for 15 years, transitioning into Mind-Body Wellness in 2016. 

I took my first meditation retreat in Nepal, where I first learned the vast and incredible power we hold within our minds, and how silence is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. I continued to learn throughout India, Nepal, Guatemala and Peru, and I qualified as an Ashtanga Yoga & Meditation instructor in India in 2017. I have since specialised in Chakra Yoga & Meditation, and also Vedic (mantra) meditation with The Chopra Centre, qualifying as a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher in 2020.   

Meditation has improved the quality of my life beyond measure - it has increased my self-awareness and intuition, reduced my stress response, I am now more responsive to my world, not reactive, and I sleep like a baby. It didn’t happen overnight, but my life has changed forever and it continues to evolve. I’m in better condition mentally and physically than I was in my 20’s.   

Want me to show you how? Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together to integrate this practice into your life.

CREDENTIALS: 200hr Chopra Centre Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, 75hr Bodhi Level 1 Meditation Mentor, 15hr YACEP Yoga Teachers College® YogaBody Breathing Coach, 200hr RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Certified, 25hr Pranayama YACEP. 

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