Welcome to The Breath Academy clients area. This asset library contains guided audios to accompany your practice, as well as downloadable lesson slides.

Use the audios to master your practice - they'll be your handy GoTo reference guides, as well as being a Breathcoach in your back pocket. Each track goes straight into the practice, so hit play and get ready to breathe!

Download/digitally reference the lesson slides during our lessons together so you can make any necessary notes. Resources and further reading recommendations are listed at the bottom. 

GUIDED AUDIOS week 1 - 2 

Coffee Category - Breath of FireJess Holliday
00:00 / 03:42
Water Category - 4:4 Balanced BreathingJess Holliday
00:00 / 03:16
Whiskey Category - 4:8 Relaxation BreathJess Holliday
00:00 / 04:47

GUIDED AUDIOS week 3 - 4

Coffee Category - Bellows BreathJess Holliday
00:00 / 05:38
Water Category - Alternate Nostril BreathingJess Holliday
00:00 / 06:34
Whiskey Category - Box BreathingJess Holliday
00:00 / 07:51


Lesson 1 - Breath Testing
Lesson 2 - Coffee, Water, Whiskey
Lesson 3 - The Science Of Breathing
Lesson 4 - The Nervous System & Breathing
White Feather



Whilst I don't have my own app (yet!), I highly recommend The Breathing App by Eddie Stern.


Eddie recently created The Breathing App with Deepak Chopra and Moby, which guides the user in a paced breathing exercise to balance the breath and the nervous system. 

I recommend downloading this app to accompany your guided audios and to support your ongoing breathwork practice. Now you know the science, you'll better understand how to use the app as well as knowing/understanding which settings you need for the intended outcome.  

This will work best with your Water and Whiskey practices. 

download on the app store .png


If you're interested in taking your breathwork and Pulmonaut adventure to the next level, I recommend the following titles: 

* The Healing Power of the Breath: Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration, and Balance Your Emotions, by Patricia Gerbarg, MD  

* Breathe, by James Nestor 

* Just Breathe, by Dan Brule