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Set the trajectory: listen to the guided meditation.

Reflection MeditationJess Holliday
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Lessons/Day 21

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Day 21: Living Well


You have completed the 3-week Refuel Renew Release Course. You have just spent three weeks re-evaluating your relationship with food, your body, your mind and your lifestyle.

Day 21 marks the end of Spring in this program, BUT you can continue on with Spring for a few more days/weeks if you wish, depending on your goals.

Now is the time to retake your measurements and your after photos, and retake your health questionnaire to reflect on how far you've come. 


Remember that non-scale victories count too, so if you're thinking differently, feel lighter in mind, find yourself reaching for snacks less often (and veg sticks more often), waking up with more energy, feeling more positive, more vibrant, walking past sugary treats in the supermarket, that's a victory!

And now, you might have some questions:

  • Where do I go from here?

  • How do I keep the weight off? How can I put weight back on?

  • How do I know what to eat?

  • How do I keep meditating?

  • What breathing practice should I do?


A companion guide, Living Well, can be downloaded below to answer these questions and to give you some clear guidance about how to maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health into the future.

Your Instructor




Jess Holliday is the founder of Be Here Well, a wellness movement that supports you in making your world a better place, starting from within. 

Jess is a meditation, yoga, breath-work, stress management and Eastern philosophy nerd. She has studied Eastern and Western approaches to the mind and understands the therapeutic application of Eastern Philosophy and meditation.

Jess offers personal life coaching as Head Coach at Be Here Well. 

Health Disclaimer: Jess Holliday is not trained to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease.

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Jess Holliday,


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Download Living Well Guidelines

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Take your AFTER Health Questionnaire

Reflection MeditationJess Holliday
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Summary of Tasks & Enhancements: Living Well


  • Use the guide to choose your season and set your dietary ratios based on your health goals

  • Plan these into your calendar to stay on track

  • Use the planner in your  Living Well guidelines to classify your foods


  • Use the breathing techniques you've learned to manage your nervous system and improve sleep 

  • Meditate for 15 minutes or more per day

  • Journal/reflect regularly.


  • Retake your health questionnaire

  • Retake your measurements and after photos

  • Download the Living Well guidelines

  • Make time for your morning routine

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