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Boost Your Energy, Reduce Your Stress & Release Weight In This 3-Week Restorative Wellness Experience

Create The Foundation

For Optimal Health And Wellness.

Imagine waking up in 21-days feeling lighter in body and mind, in better shape physically, mentally and emotionally with more energy for your family. Feeling calm and clear-headed, focussed and motivated, with a strategy on how to move toward achieving your goals and dreams.

This 3-week journey is where you will learn the tools, rituals and methodologies you need to kickstart your journey to better habits, lose weight, better focus, and create the foundation for optimal health and energy, no exercise required!

Feel like your "get up and go" has left the building?!

You know you want to feel more healthy and eat better, to have more focus and energy to live more, but you lack the time, spark, or know-how to get there.

If you'd like the change that for the better, then you're in the right place!

In a world full of distractions & things vying for our attention, and a societal habit of "busyness", it’s no wonder we have less time for ourselves these days.

Modern life, work stress, poor diet and lack of sleep can negatively impact our health. 

But where to start?

What you need is a simple plan that cuts through the noise to help you better meet life's demands.

Refuel // Renew // Release is that plan. It's a 3-week restorative wellness experience that will be your roadmap to better health. It's designed to help you build a better relationship with food, your body, your mind, as well as giving you more focus and energy, no exercise required!

Expect a blend of meditation, breathwork, neuroscience, behaviour change dynamics, positive psychology, nutrition and spirituality. 





The first week will be set you up for success, making sure your cupboards and spaces are prepped. 

We'll meditate, breathe, nourish and hydrate your body with seasonal, abundant whole foods and fruits as you start to build a new morning routine for You.




It's time to change your relationship with sugar (and take a holiday from a few other things) as we prepare the body to make a seasonal switch.

You'll learn how to eat the right foods for your weight goals, whether you need to release or put on weight. 




It's time to give your digestive system a well-earned rest, before we switch your body into its natural releasing mode. 


REFUEL // RENEW // RELEASE is a 3-week restorative wellness experience designed to boost your energy, reduce your stress & improve your focus, and give you the foundations for optimal health and wellness.

  • 3 x Recorded Coaching Calls​

  • Done-for-you weekly food guidelines

  • 3 x Breathing techniques for relaxation, anxiety and better sleep

  • 4 x Guided Meditations

  • Journaling Exercises

  • Guided Full Moon Yoga Flow

  • Progress Tracker 

  • Lifetime Access to Videos, Guided Audios & Resources

Join Now EG


This course IS for you if...

  • You want more consistent YOU time. You know you should be doing something, you just don’t know where to start.

  • You want to lose a little lockdown or Christmas weight, both physically and mentally.

  • You're willing to track your progress.

  • You're able to commit to living healthy for 3 weeks.

  • You’ve tried other “health and wellness” plans or regimes to lose weight or reduce stress, but they haven’t stuck and you’ve ended up going back to your old ways.

  • You want to create new systems and habits for change that make living well easy. 

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a quick fix.   

  • You are not willing to identify or let go of unhealthy habits that are not serving you and keep you locked in a pattern. 

  • You're not willing to focus on you for 3 weeks.

  • You think diets should be restrictive, about calorie counting, and should leave you feeling hungry.

  • You want to “shred” weight fast.

  • You’re not willing to prioritise your personal health and wellbeing.

  • You think that self-care is self-indulgent.

Meet Your Guide

Jess Holliday is the founder of Be Here Well, and meditation, yoga, breath-work, stress management and Eastern philosophy nerd. 

Be Here Well is a wellness movement that supports you in making your world a better place, starting from within.  


Jess has studied both Eastern and Western approaches to the mind-body. She  offers a logical and highly effective approach that blends science with spirituality and focuses on helping people explore and resolve issues, find clarity, manage stress more effectively, increase confidence and develop a wiser and more relaxed approach to life.

CREDENTIALS: Psychology/Philosophy BSc, 200hr Chopra Centre Primordial Sound & Vedic Educator and Meditation Teacher, 75hr BodhiYogaThailan Level One Meditation Teacher, 15hr YACEP Yoga Teachers College® YogaBody Breath Coach, 200hr RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Certified, 30hr YACEP Pranayama, Psychedelic Breath® Coach-in-training.

Health Disclaimer: Jess Holliday is not trained to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease.

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Take their word for it

"This course was the best thing that ever happened to me! I was struggling with self-confidence, looking to release some weight and learn meditation. This course gave me the motivation to get up earlier and eat more healthily. I lost 2.3kg over the 3 weeks, and 14cm from my body. I have a healthy glow in my face and more energy. My advice? Go for it if you want to change the way you think about life!"  Karen, Midlands

"Don't hesitate in gifting yourself this amazing journey! I wanted a new opportunity to do some self-care and empowerment for my future self, to shift my reactive anxiety into a more composed, controlled & calm manner. This course and Jess's invaluable meditations gave me more focus, strength, and the discipline to follow a self-care schedule and re-centre my attention on me for a change. It is definitely worth it!"  

"I’ve released 7lbs and am feeling so much lighter, brighter and full of energy than I was 3 weeks ago. Thank you, Jess. I’ve learned loads and will take lots from what you’ve taught us into my life from now on."  Becca, London

"Thank you, Jess, for the last 3 weeks. I've learnt loads!"   Anna, Hereford


Warning! Side effects may include joy, abundance, confidence, energy, purpose, inspiration, weight and fat release, and general symptoms of empowerment.

Imagine waking up feeling lighter in body and mind, in better shape physically, mentally and emotionally with more energy for your family, feeling calm and clear-headed, focussed and motivated, with a strategy on how to move toward achieving your goals and dreams.  


Benefits include:

  • Motivation

  • Weight loss (on average clients release 5 lbs)

  • Improved focus and concentration 

  • More energy and vitality

  • Glowing skin 

  • Self-empowerment and self-awareness

  • Better sleep

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Enhanced willpower


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