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A 30-day journey to boost resilience

Reduce Stress, Boost your immune system 



The Breath Academy is an awakening experience, integrating the ancient practice of pranayama with modern scientific research, empowering you to have sustainable health, better habits and an unshakeable sense of well-being in just 30 days.

A 4-part self-paced digital course

If You Could Calm Your Stress And Anxiety, Right Now, In Just A Few Minutes, Wouldn't You Do It?
Of Course You Would.
The Breath Academy Is Science-Based Breathing For Health & Well-Being.
It's a fast, accessible and predictable method you can use to regulate your nervous system. In a matter of minutes, you can take back control of your nervous system and your physiology. 
I want to help you overcome some of the most common health challenges today, using the power of your own breath.

THE BREATH ACADEMY is a 4-week course I ran and recorded in 2021.

This digital version is the recordings from the course, along with Q&A from my students.

If you prefer, you can take this course with me privately - just check my coaching offerings elsewhere on this website.  

Did you know that breathing is the fastest, simplest and most effective way to shift your mental, physical and emotional state?

For example, when you're stressed out you may notice that you breathe faster and more from your upper chest.

When you're relaxed, you breathe at a slower rate and more from your belly.

So if you're feeling stressed out, tired or worried, you can quickly switch into a relaxed state by simply changing the way you breathe.

Breathing is unparalleled in its fast and predictable ability to regulate your nervous system, helping you shift out of a stressed state and into a restful state within minutes.


So what exactly will we be doing?

Part 1

Breath Testing 

  • Intention setting

  • Control pause

  • Nasal Cycle Theory

  • The Bohr Effect

Part 3

The Science of Breathing

  • Anatomy & physiology of breathing

Part 2

The Breathing Categories

  • Coffee Breathing

  • Water Breathing

  • Whiskey Breathing

Part 4

The Nervous System 

  • Autonomic nervous system

  • Heart rate variability

  • Vagus nerve 

What's included? 

  • 4 x pre-recorded Coaching Calls (60mins with practical instruction, lesson and Q&A from 2021 alumni).  

  • 6 x Breathing Techniques

  • Schedule-Friendly Daily Homework

  • Downloadable Content

  • Course Planner and Practice Diary 

  • Lifetime Access to Guided Audios & Resources


By learning to use the breath in the right way, The Breath Academy helps people become conscious of their breathing to relax on demand and improve their human condition. 


Benefits include:

  • Optimise Performance & Energy 

  • Improve Resilience

  • Sleep Better

  • Reduce Stress 

  • Enhance Will Power, Focus & Concentration

  • Reduce Anxiety


Client Results include:

  • 4x increased focus and concentration levels

  • Stress and anxiety levels cut in half

  • 1.5x improved sleep (sleep quality improves to10 out of 10 in most cases)

  • 1.5x improved digestion - more regular, and feeling less bloated

  • 1.5x increased energy

Pebble Beach

Ainsley, 39, Austin (USA)

I signed up for this breathing course hoping to reduce my anxiety and along with this, also gained myriad benefits including better sleep, more energy, and empowered knowledge about developing and utilizing my own internal resources.


I am deeply grateful to Jess, and hope others will give themselves the gift of her course, knowledge, and compassion!

It’s one thing to know how your systems work, but I experienced it on a whole different level of awareness.

Beck, 35, London

My goodness... I feel more myself than ever before! I am top-end of the dyslexic spectrum, and my concentration is usually like a butterfly on LSD half the time, but now my brain is more switched on and in-tune - it’s like the fog has cleared.


I’m seeing such a difference within myself. My brain felt like an enemy before, but now it feels like a friend, and it's making me so darn happy!

I recommend 'Be Here Well' to everyone and anyone! If you want to be more in-tuned with the real you - this is for you! 😍

Jay, 73, Northampton

The everyday curses of being overrun with jobs led to brain overload and an inability to sleep well and deeply. This meant that the next day always began with the stress of all the jobs that needed to be achieved.


The breathing techniques have really changed that around, and now the jobs are surmountable and life is a lot more peaceful.



We use science-based exercises to quickly and predictably affect your autonomic nervous system, stress response, mood and energy levels. We measure your results so you can see your progress


Exercises can be done seated, supported or reclined. Keeping things simple we focus on the foundations, using simple easy-to-remember techniques, empowering you so you can practice on your own.


Anyone can learn this, regardless of age or health status. You’ll learn to take control of the nervous system with this all-natural approach.


You’ll get immediate mind-body results in 5 minutes or less.

This course IS for you if...

  • You’re tired of feeling wired but tired.

  • You’re interested in how to improve and sustain your physical and mental health without using prescription drugs.

  • You’ve tried meditation, and you know it's probably good for you but it just wasn’t your thing

  • You’ve tried breathing before but it never really stuck, and you want help forming a new habit.

  • You want an effective, safe, fast and predictable solution to help you manage your current physical and mental health challenges, like stress, anxiety, insomnia or poor sleep, poor concentration or low energy.

  • You want something that’s quick and easy to learn and implement, something that’s schedule friendly and doesn’t take months before you can notice the benefits

  • You want to be able to switch on feelings of calm, ease, balance, stillness and peace whenever you want, You want to be more in tune with your body and mind.

  • You want to have a clearer head to help you make better decisions

  • You’re ready to take your power back so that you're in control of your emotions and energy.

  • You’re aged 5 to 85.

  • You want to be the eye of our own storm so you can face whatever life throws at you with confidence and an innate sense of well-being at your core.

  • You’re a Yogi or meditator who has experience of pranayama, and you’re interested to understand it from a modern science & energy management level.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You’re already totally in tune with your body and know how to change your energy and mind state change at will.

  • You already have strong resilience to stress and worry

  • You're rock-steady emotionally.

  • You’re not willing to prioritise your personal health and wellbeing.

  • You think that everyone else should come first before you.

  • You can already handle everything life throws at you without breaking a sweat.

  • You already have an effective stress and anxiety management strategy. 

  • You feel well-rested, calm, centred, and stress-free all the time.

  • You enjoy having poor, intermittent sleep - who doesn’t like a midnight snack or an email/Facebook binge at 3am?

  • You're an absolute ninja when it comes to forming a new habit.

  • You're Dan Brule, James Nestor, Wim Hof, Stig Severinsen, Patrick McKeown, Dr Patricia Garbarg or Lucas Rockwood.


DIGITAL Course Investment

Save 50%! 


(normally £197)

Do I need to be a Yogi OR MEDITATOR to do THIS COURSE? 

Definitely not! Anyone can do this, whether you've set foot on a yoga mat or not. 

This course draws upon ancient yogic breathing techniques, fusing them together with modern-day science, to give you fast, effective, tangible results from the outset.  No prior experience is necessary.

"Change Your Breath, Change Your Life"

Watch Jess guest speaking with Monica Graves at the 2020 Enlightened Life Retreat.

You'll be learning with me - JESS HOLLIDAY 

Hi! I’m Jess,


I am a certified Breath, Yoga & Meditation Coach. I took my first breathing course in Guatemala, which is where I learned the power of breathwork to heal the mind and body. Spiritual epiphany’s aside, as a method of regulating and balancing your nervous system it’s unparalleled in its predictability. I love how accessible breathing is. No experience of any kind is needed. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone, and you’ll feel results right from our first session.


Want me to show you how? Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together to integrate this practice into your life.

CREDENTIALS: 15hr YACEP Yoga Teachers College® YogaBody Breathing Coach, 200hr RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Cert, 130hr Chopra Centre Primordial Sound Vedic Meditation Teacher, 75hr Bodhi Level One Meditation Teacher. 

Health Disclaimer: Breathing coaches are not trained to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease.

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