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Week 3: Future Visioning and Taking Inspired ActionJess Holliday
00:00 / 30:07

Lessons/Week 3

WEEK 3: Strategy & Structure

This week is about taking inspired action to step boldly towards your goals.


We're also taking conscious control of our metabolism and flipping the switch to free the fat!


Choose a lifestyle medicine strategy and structure to match your goals, and you will see quantum leaps in your health and wellness!


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The Science Of The Heart 00:07

Homework: Take Inspired Action! 04:55

The Science Of Breathing 07:45

The Power of Nitric Oxide: 14:20

The Importance of Nose Breathing: 15:55

Alternate Nostril Breathing Guided Practice: 19:43

The Seasons At A Glance: 22:50

Flipping The Switch: 26:27

Spring Enhancements: 29:30

Green Means Go! 32:50

Fasting: 35:54

Alcohol & Caffeine: 40:36

Your Instructor




Jess Holliday is the founder of Be Here Well, a wellness movement that supports you in making your world a better place, starting from within. 

Jess is a meditation, yoga, breath-work, stress management and Eastern philosophy nerd. She has studied Eastern and Western approaches to the mind and understands the therapeutic application of Eastern Philosophy and meditation.

Jess offers personal life coaching as Head Coach at Be Here Well. 

Health Disclaimer: Jess Holliday is not trained to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease.

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Jess Holliday,


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Download WEEK 3 Guidelines

Alternate Nostril BreathingJess Holliday
00:00 / 06:03
15-minute meditationJess Holliday
00:00 / 13:39
Future Visioning and Taking Inspired Action MeditationJess Holliday
00:00 / 30:07
Yoga Flow - Full Moon Salutations (Chandra Namaskar) 15 minsJess Holliday
00:00 / 15:56

Summary of Tasks & Enhancements: Week 3


  • WELCOME TO SPRING! Steer clear of all fruits, sweet veg, beans & honey

  • Drink 12 glasses of water per day

  • Drink the green energiser PRIME smoothie

  • Avoid sugar & refined sugary foods

  • Avoid processed food, additives, preservatives, colouring


  • Use alternate nostril breathing

  • Use box breathing 4x4x4x4 before bed

  • Use the guided audios to meditate for 15 minutes or more per day

  • Listen to the guided audio to energise your future vision

  • Journal for 15 minutes or more


  • Download the weekly guidelines and print out your practice diary

  • Make time for your morning routine

  • Add intentional movement, such as yoga or walking, to help clear your lymphatic system

Orange & Green Autumn Leaves Self Care Blog Facebook Cover (2).png

Great Job! Keep Going!

Next Lesson: Putting it all together - Living Well

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