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Once you realise that the suffering in your life is caused by your attachments, be it to your story, your addictions, once you learn to recognise this and learn to let go, you can release yourself from all suffering at a vibrational level, and you will say “ahhhhhhhh”… it’s like undoing your tight shoelaces, taking off a heavy backpack.

We often don’t know how much we’re carrying, or holding on to, until we learn to let go. Sometimes I don’t know I’m holding on (suffering) until something happens and I get smacked round the face with a sledgehammer. Something so big and so loud I just can’t ignore it, and then it’s like - oh wow, I need to let go of this.

So much of what we perceive to be pain and suffering is of our own making. And that’s not to belittle it and say “you deserve it” or “you brought it on yourself”. I mean this is about what we choose to pick up and carry with us, these attachments we have to thoughts, conditioning, addictions, and the stories we tell ourselves.

There’s a great quote:

the difference between fear and excitement is your interpretation.

And also,

don’t be a slave to your past, be the architect of your future.

Once we learn to recognise what we’re holding on to can we begin to learn to let go, and the first step on the path to FREEDOM is the recognition that you can take control of all these aspects of your life, you can control them rather than them controlling you.

When this starts happening to you, it paves the way towards more magic, more synchronicity, more awareness, more FREEDOM. Your heart begins to open a little more, your senses awaken and are heightened… and all the falsehoods, the lies, the limiting beliefs that have held you back slowly start to crumble away, tumbling like a house of cards… revealing beneath it your essence self - as in who you truly are, hidden under all the stuffness the layers and the masks…

The things you have pursued, addictions, these attachments that have brought short term happiness, the stories that have held us back - these are our fools gold. As you start to reveal the real the You beneath all that, you tap into what really brings you joy, bliss: sustained long term happiness that comes from within.

Sat Chit Ananda - Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

FREEDOM: The price of admission is Fools Gold.

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