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Transformative Spiritual Coaching with Jess Holliday

Read the original article written by Predrag Vlatkovic on June 22, 2023 here:

Step into the world of Mind-Body Wellness as we unravel the captivating journey of a former Luxury & Fashion Marketing professional turned Transformation Spiritual Teacher, Jess Holliday. In this insightful interview, we delve into the challenges she faced during her transition, explore the principles that underpin her coaching approach, and discover the transformative power of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®. Our team welcomes you to the newest edition of MysticMag interviews.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a few details about your professional background?

As a Transformation Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Mindset Coach, there’s nothing I love more in this world than being of service and helping people feel empowered, fulfil their potential, and live their Dharma. I use trauma-informed techniques that blend science and spirituality: breath-work, meditation, metaphysics, quantum healing, and science of mind principles to help people awaken to the truth and come back to themselves. To awaken to their mastery and purpose and to transform their lives. I love geeking out about everything to do with expanding consciousness and fully owning our self-mastery!

How did your transition from the Luxury & Fashion Marketing business to Mind-Body Wellness look like and did you face any challenges during that process?

In 2015 for many reasons, I started to reflect on where I was. I was a London Marketing Manager, doing a good job of playing the role of a great employee and a functioning human, but without really knowing what I meaningfully wanted out of life. I was sleepwalking, drifting, going through the motions. One day, I started to get a sense that I just wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t know what or where that “supposed to be” place was, I just knew it wasn’t where I was. I was also battling with a breakup from a paradigm-shifting relationship, as well as a greedy, relentless, and expensive coke addiction and an unquenchable thirst for alcohol. Something had to give.

As fate would have it the universe intervened, and a company decision meant that the brand I was looking after would no longer be part of the business. That gave me the opportunity to reevaluate: should I keep drifting, get another job at another firm, doing something same, same but different, or should I go explore, regroup, and scratch that itch? I decided on the latter and took the brave decision to chuck in the London life, leave all of my stuff, my flat, my friends and family, and I booked a one-way ticket to India.

“You’ll come back a Yogi!”, They said! “No I won’t!”, I said. I’d never even heard of meditation at that point, barely even been to a Yoga class, so I was pretty confident they were totally wrong. My adventure of introspection took me across India, Nepal, Guatemala, Peru, and Colombia over 18 months, and set in motion a deep transformative process of awakening within me that continues to this day. It didn’t take long before I did find myself taking my first steps on the path of Yoga in India, a journey that has taken me to places beyond my wildest dreams. Over the years that have followed, this journey of discovery and spirituality has helped me to heal from burnout, heartache, and drug and alcohol addiction (I’m now more than 5 years clean and sober), as well as heal from the trauma and recode the belief system that had caused me to turn to drugs and alcohol for solace in the first place.

Becoming a transformational spiritual teacher has helped me embody these teachings and principles at a deeper level, as well as handle one of the biggest challenges one can experience in becoming spiritual: other people. By that I mean navigating what it feels like to become someone “new” within your social circle. I used to describe it like this: before, I was a circle, and now, I’m like a hexagon. I’m ok with being a hexagon, but my friends were so used to me being a circle so there was a period of transition, of feeling slightly self-conscious about being different, deciding if that social circle correlated with me anymore, whilst at the same time fully embracing who I was becoming and honouring her. I have emerged on the other side, with my friends, but with a different relationship where they fully respect who I am and I accept them for who they are too. We all have our paths to walk.

As a Spiritual Coach, what ideas and principles do you base your coaching on?

My work is a blend of spirituality and science, east with west. My passion is that we must take a holistic approach to health and well-being, as we are multifaceted dynamic beings who operate on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. My approach takes inspiration from lots of traditions, such as Ashtanga Yoga, metaphysics (the world beyond what we can see), Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism), as well as Science of Mind, scientific prayer, fasting, nutrition, and physiology.

The path of Yoga inspires my work in terms of guiding my clients to ethical behaviour, personal observances, physical movement, breath control, withdrawal of senses, concentration, meditation, and ultimate union with the divine, in order to progress towards self-realisation through purification and spiritual growth.

Science of Mind represents the correlation of religion, science, philosophy, and a way of life. It is a body of knowledge and wisdom; laws and principles organised in an applicable manner to better one’s life and experience their divinity. Metaphysics, Advaita Vedanta, and the science of mind all emphasise the power of the mind and the seamless interconnectedness of all life. They work on the principle that there is one mind, oneness, and that You are the first cause, the powerful creator of your existence.

Science of Mind principles include recognising the oneness of existence, harnessing the creative power of thought, understanding the Law of Attraction, practising affirmative prayer, healing, and wholeness, utilising universal law and spiritual principles, and seeking self-realisation. By aligning our thoughts with higher truths and utilising these principles, I help my clients to shape their experiences, manifest desires, and live more fulfilling lives.

What is PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® and how is it different from other breathwork?

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a breathwork technique that incorporates dynamic breathing patterns, guided visualisation, and deep electronic music to induce altered states of consciousness, promote self-exploration and induce deep healing. It draws inspiration from the transformative experiences associated with psychedelic substances, aiming to create similar effects through breathwork alone, inducing alpha and even theta brain waves.

What sets PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® apart from other breathwork techniques is its ability to emulate the non-ordinary states of consciousness typically associated with psychedelics. By utilising deep and rhythmic breathing combined with music, it can induce a journey-like experience that can facilitate alpha or theta states, healing, emotional release, insight, and expanded awareness. Exploring inner realms, accessing the feeling body, the subconscious material, and facilitating personal transformation.

While other forms of breathwork focus on various aspects such as relaxation, stress reduction, or energy activation, PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is distinct because it connects you with your essence, your divine self. It can replicate and harness the profound and introspective effects of psychedelic experiences, all without the use of any substances. It provides an alternative avenue for individuals to explore their consciousness, deepen their connection with their inner selves, and potentially gain valuable insights and healing benefits.

Can you tell us a bit about your work as a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner?

Spiritual Psychology Coaching works from an established principle that at a vibrational level, we are all connected to one divine entity, and how that influences our psychology and our bodies. Advaita, non-dualism, we are all one seamless universe. It works from an integrative principle that recognises the connection and interconnectedness between the body, the soul, and the spirit. It goes one step further than traditional Psychology alone, which recognises the mind and the body, but not the spirit. Spiritual Psychology recognises the part that being connected to the larger unseen has to play: in other words, it takes into account and works with the quantum element of our psychology. The 99.99999999999% of empty space that exists within each cell and extends out into the universe.

As a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner, I facilitate spiritually-based processes to assist my clients in reprogramming their subconscious mind and birthing their truth. Handling the four areas of life: relationships & love, career & money, health & vitality, and creative expression. I help my clients heal by revealing the truth, by helping them to identify their limiting beliefs, educating them in truth, and by facilitating spiritual mind treatments or affirmative prayers. I help my clients heal by coming back to and revealing the truth: that they are spiritual beings, that they are the I AM Divine creator, that they are god, good, oneness, pure potential.

What can people expect from your programs?

I offer 1-1 coaching or group programs for luminaries, visionaries, and emerging leaders, helping them move from doubt to Divine trust – to elevate their mastery, to call forth their committed and empowered hero to breakthrough “stuckness” and get to the next level, so they can truly live with a more profound connection to who the f*** they are, with soul wealth, unapologetically sharing their gifts with the world.

Working with body, soul, and spirit, uniquely blending scientific tools with ancient soul wisdom, I champion individuals to connect to their Master Self, their Divine Nature. I create a safe space for them to be vulnerable, where they are unconditionally accepted and celebrated for who they are. A space for cleansing consciousness, healing trauma, awakening, aligned integration, abundant inspiration, and actionable implementation.

By integrating psychological theories, techniques, and methodologies with spiritual teachings, practices, and principles, I assist my clients in navigating their inner journeys and aligning with their higher selves, so that they can embrace, honour, and share their gifts with the world. I work with them to explore and understand the spiritual and psychological aspects of their lives, such as beliefs, trauma, emotions, thought patterns, and behaviours. Using trauma-informed techniques, meditation therapy, visualisation, visioning, breathwork, and quantum healing, I create the space for clarity to emerge, for their acceptance, awakening, personal transformation, activation, healing, and ascension.

Side effects include:

– Full F**K YES Empowerment;

– Knowing who the F*** they are and what they want in this world;

– More time and money freedom;

– Contentment and confidence;

– Clarity on purpose and mission;

– Peace and reduced stress and anxiety;

– Improved focus and concentration;

– Drive, direction, and motivation.

For more information or to schedule a free coaching call, visit

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