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Is life happening TO you? Or FOR you?

This might trigger some of you, but your pain or suffering does not come from the circumstances you’re in or the experiences you have.

Your pain and suffering come from your perception of those circumstances, i.e. the meaning you're putting behind them.

For example, when we experience anxiety, our perception (i.e. the meaning we put around it) is that people, places, things or circumstances are outside of our control, different to how we want them to be.

aka we are not in control. aka things are happening TO us.

This is our version of the truth, which is also flavoured by our life experience and social conditioning. i.e. what we expect to see or have happen, the rules we think life runs by.

Thing is, it's not THE truth. It’s our relative version of the truth.

The only Truths that are absolute are the universal laws, like gravity, abundance, creation etc.

And the only thing we are truly in control of is our own mind.

Our biggest battle, therefore, is the one within our own minds. A mind that is so amazingly powerful and capable of creating any story we want, capable of creating any version of reality and life we want.

You could have the exact same situation and two different people will see it differently.

The difference is going to be your life philosophy, and whether you can recognise that life is happening FOR you, not TO you.

To grow, evolve and transcend negative lower vibration emotions, and ascend to the next level of our consciousness, here's what we can do:

1. First, assess what is within our control and take decisive empowering action on them.

2. Assess what is outside of our control, and practice acceptance. Accepting “What Is” in total neutrality and equanimity.

3. Allow our emotions to arise and pass through us, thanking them and using them as messengers, telling us what we need to reveal and heal, not be used BY them.

4. Neutralise negative emotions and annihilate limited perspectives (aka meaning) that are holding us back by using a powerful combination of trauma release work and affirmations.

To get you started, you can watch my latest meditation (30 minutes).

This meditation is going to help you get beyond your thinking mind, get out of your body and float into the divine consciousness that exists within you, beyond all polarities, all your thoughts, all the labels, so that you can just be in bliss and connection.

Set some time aside and make time for you this weekend.

You deserve it.

You were born a ridiculous miracle. I want to show you just how miraculous you were meant to be, and just how powerful you are.

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