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How To Use Envy To Get What You Want

Goes against everything your Mum ever taught you right? But bear with.

When we see someone doing something we fancy for ourselves, how many of us have felt a pang of envy like “I want that!”, jealousy like “that’s my dream & I’m not sharing”, or comparing ourselves, like “I’m not good enough to have that”.

Over the past few years, I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with inspiring coaches and leaders in group programs, seeing them achieve the kind of growth I desired.

I admit I felt envious, less-than, overwhelmed, wishing I had what they had, but comparing myself against others was pointless.

It got me nowhere, except the first wrung on a downward spiral of negative emotions. I was coming from a place of victimhood, scarcity and disempowerment.

Then, I realised my envy was elegantly pointing out to me what I wanted, and suddenly I had a choice: to let my envy control me or to use it as a tool to attract my innermost desires.

So I opted for the latter.

From that point on I sought out others' successes that provoked my envy monster. Used that experience as my mirror to reflect back to me what I truly wanted.

Rather than focusing on the "not having" or lack of worthiness, I actively celebrate their wins and use techniques like meditation to teach my body what it feels like to have that success, knowing it would and could be my own too.

Each time I do, feelings of envy, scarcity, overwhelm melt away and are replaced with possibility. From there, opportunities open up and life flows towards me.

This is the best way to attract what you want.

Celebrating other peoples success and feeling the good emotions attached to that experience literally shifts you into a higher vibration, a higher state of consciousness.

It shifts you into a state of abundance and prosperity which is exactly the state you want to be in to attract those things to you.

Your higher self is telling you “You Want That” through the emotional language of envy and jealousy.

Instead of letting those emotions control you, and get stuck in a place of lack, turn the equation around and take control.

Examine your dialogue. Follow the clues.

Next time your envy monster pops up to say hello, try this:

1. Celebrate their win! Switch up your mental state and send them a message of congratulations or acknowledgement, anything, just don’t go down the rabbit hole and allow negative emotions like envy or jealousy to take control.

2. Own It. What is it about their success you want? Write that down, switch up the syntax to reflect it as yours, as if it has happened to you. Read it out loud every morning, ideally before meditation.

In doing so, you start to reprogram your subconscious mind, drawing your vision of the future to you.

3. Practice Gratitude. Give thanks and appreciation for the success you have received. Being in gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. To be grateful is to act as if it has already happened.

TLDR: Summary

Your emotions can be used as guideposts to your values and passions. When you see them, you can choose to take inspired action accordingly.

Treat envy and jealousy like your best friends, because they’re the unexpected little breadcrumbs guiding you to what you really want.

Awareness is your starting point. Meditation can be your vehicle to take this to even deeper levels of consciousness, of a deeper knowing and understanding.

Meditation is a tool you can use to cultivate and harness this fuel of awareness. Use it to propel you forwards in quantum leaps, to elevate your consciousness, to tap into the infinite possibilities of you, discover your life's passion and live with more purpose.

Use it to go beyond your body and your mind, to free yourself from the illusions, to ignite your creativity, your intuition, awaken your potential and taste the infinite for a second.

Love, light and blessings on your journey,



PS: If you're interested to find out how meditation, visualisation and breathing could help you to awaken the power within and find your purpose, I invite you to book a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation.

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